See What Happens…

“You don’t always need a plan.

Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go, and see what happens.”

We can’t control everything that happens. So instead of stressing about not having control, relax and just enjoy the ride that life decides to give you! 😊


Make. A. Change.

“If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake.

But if you die poor, it’s your mistake”

✨I love this quote because we all get so caught up in making excuses about the life that we were given.

But if you’re living and breathing, you have the opportunity to make sure your future is much better✨

Your Best Teacher

“In the practice of tolerance,

one’s enemy is the best teacher”

✨This quote is so true. I’ve had to be around a few individuals that I’d rather not be around because I don’t necessarily agree with most things that they say/do.

But it has been a big lesson for me because I’ve had to learn to be patient and realize that they have their own internal battles that they are dealing with. If you’re around people who tend to be difficult just try and remember that!✨

Happy vs. Unhappy

“Happy people build their inner world;

unhappy people blame their outer world”

✨Recently I’ve been on a self awareness and self love journey. Before I was so anxious, blamed my external circumstances for the reason why things weren’t going as I planned, and was not a happy camper at all!

Once I began to stop focusing on what was going on around me and focus on my internal well being, I noticed a huge difference! I am much calmer, more insightful, and much more happy! I will be sharing my methods very soon so stay tuned! 😊✨