5 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day!

Here in NYC, it’s been raining on and off for the past few days and is supposed to continue into the weekend! That’s such a bummer and can put a damper on summer plans!

Here are a 5 fun things to do when it’s a gloomy, rainy day!

1. Break out the board games

When the rain is pouring down outside, find those old board games that you never play. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have with something that doesn’t need electricity to work!

2. Spend a few hours in a café

Get out of the rain and into a café or bar. Grab a seat by the window, consume a nice hot beverage, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the rain!

3. Give your home a spring clean

It’s not a rainy day activity that everyone would have on their list, but doing the cleaning together is a lot more fun, than doing it on your own. You’ll get everything put away in its proper place, your home cleaned from top to bottom, and you’ll have plenty of time to talk to each other while you do it.

4. Watch old movies or catch up on readings

Rainy days are the best days to watch movies you’ve been dying to watch or even put on a nice classic movie! Catch up on your unfinished readings that you’ve been putting off so you can finally move on to your next read!

5. Get in the kitchen

If you love to cook than baking some delicious treats for you and /or your family might be a good idea! You could even try out a new recipe that you’ve might’ve saved to your Pinterest board!

Hope these tips make your rainy day more enjoyable!

Current Mood…

Such a gloomy day today.

With all the rain showers that seem like they are here to stay.

My emotions matching the mood of the weather.

Makes me just want to be light and float away like a feather.

I need a boost to survive the day. A potion, an elixir of some sort.

That’ll keep me energized and allow me to finish my day with a big smile!

Daily Prompt – Elixir

Photo: Pexels.com