Bad Mood Turned Into Positive Vibes Only! 

I was sort of in a bad mood last night due to some personal battles I’ve been dealing with.

My low spirits followed me into the morning but I told myself I’m not going to let my bad mood disturb the rest of my day!

I decided to meditate on The Word and pray which helped.  

Also, my other “pick-me-up” is listening to my favorite upbeat songs which definitely improves my mood! I try to keep positive vibes and happy thoughts! 

Here are a few songs that make me happy!

Cheer Up Tunes! 

I’m also noticing that as I MAKE SURE to keep my spirits up, smile, and be happy, it’s actually motivating me to keep up my behavior because I feel like I’ve conquered over negativity! It’s a great feeling!

So If you’re going through a hard time, just stay positive and have faith that it’ll all work out in the end! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Self Care Routine!

Since it’s warming up, I’ve been trying to ease into working out so I can get my summer bod! Ohh Yeah! 

I’m actually kind of lazy at times when it comes to working out and I would normally do a quick 20-30 minute workout once I came home from work. But after work, I just want to relax so most times I just wasn’t in the mood to workout.

So I’ve made some adjustments, and I’ve been doing a light workout/selfcare routine in the morning. 

My Self Care Morning Routine:

I do a variation 100 crunches, then I start off with 10 regular push ups and I add about 1-3 extra push-ups each day.

After that, I do a few yoga poses, I meditate, then I read for about 5-10 minutes. 

It’s been working out really well for me because it helps prepare me physically, mentally, and spiritually for the day! 

I will keep this up, but I’ll probably add different workouts to my routine like squats or light weight lifting, etc. 

Do you have a self care morning routine?