6 Best Cheap Eats In NYC!

($) 1. SHAKE SHACK  Upper Westside

Shake Shack continues to be one of the most popular post museum pit stops for its nostalgic beef patties, crinkle fries, and frozen custard! 

($$) 2. GOTHAM WEST MARKET – Hell’s Kitchen 

The building that houses this ground floor food hall may be of the luxury variety, but the all-star eats inside are wallet-friendly. Try Seamus Mullen’s shareable tapas, including a classic egg tortilla ($6) or an Italian spicy hoagie ($14)! 

($) 3. THE AREPA LADY – Queens

Colombia-born Maria Cano has amassed a devoted following from her sizzling, buttery corn cakes with a crunchy too and an oozing queso center! Her sweet and savory pockets of cheese, along with chorizo drizzled in garlic sauce and shish kabobs with grilled potatoes, are perfect for any affordable meal on the go! 

($) 4. LOS TACOS NO. 1 – Chelsea

Hand pressed corn tortilla arrive popping hot, dressed with spit-roasted adobada Pork and sweet pineapple batons ($3.50) or succulent, charred carne asafe and creamy guacamole ($3.75). You can also munch in nopal plates (cactus, beans and cheese for $6) and thirst quenching agua fees as ($3.75)!

($) 5. EL REY LUNCHEONETTE – Lower East Side

Nicholas Morgebsterb transformed the former El Rey cafe bar into this modern lunch counter, where he served California coast-inspired bites like avocado del due with chimichurri sauce ($8) and a Farris-filled grain bowl ($13). Grab a kale sale with almond dressing ($10) or a Japanese-style honey toast ($7) while you wait for the barista to prep your Mexican mocha iced coffee ($3.75), spiced with chili flakes  and called with sweetened condensed milk! 

 ($) 6. PAPAYA KING – Upper East Side

The King is the original, Upper East Side mainstay since the 1930s! Amidst the multicolored tiles and neon signs, find hickory-smoked hot dogs and milky papaya juice in a variety of combinations: The $5.44 “original” consists of two franks crowned with kraut, onions or relish along with a 16 oz drink! Or you could try the “Grand Slam” which gets you two specialty dogs (chili and cheddar, coleslaw and pickle), a papaya drink and curly fries for $11.97.

Photos: Pexels.com

Cinco De Mayo Festivities!

Last night, my husband and I had dinner with my my in laws! It’s been a while since we’ve all spent time together due to the stressors of life keeping us busy. So it was nice to be able to come together and have a good time again!

Some of the things I ate were Tilapia, sweet potatoes, and creamy chicken that my sister  in law cooked. Everything tasted so delicious! Sorry I didn’t take any pictures =/ but I will try to remember the next time around! 

Then we were invited to my cousin in law’s place for a nice small Cinco De Mayo party! Our cousin made tacos and made us fresh margaritas! The margaritas were so tasty and smooth with a nice hint of lime!

Since I ate before I came I didn’t get a chance to taste the tacos but they looked so scrumptious and now I’m kind of regretting not eating one! Haha! 

What did you guys do for Cinco De Mayo?!