Are They Really That Important?

As a society, we have been trained to take interest in the personal lives of celebrities. What restaurants they eat at, who they are dating, what clothes they are wearing, most of society has a great obsession with them! We only see them in movies and tv shows so for us to be able to know more information about them can be interesting to some.

Truth is, they use the bathroom, they get food stuck in their teeth, they have health issues, and they have family drama…just like us. The only difference is that they may be making more money than the majority and that they have opportunities that some of us didn’t have which has gotten them in the position that they are in today.

I feel like we get too caught up on celebrities and their lives. And even if you’re not interested, it is sort of forced on you. Do me a favor and go to or If you’re searching for information about a recipe, fixing something on your car, a solution for your acne, etc. you will first be greeted on these websites by stories all about celebrities and the scandals that they are involved in.

But do you notice that a lot of the news we hear is about people (whether celebrities, politicians, sports players,or everyday people) and their problems or success stories? Where are the posts about how to properly file your taxes, foods that help lower blood pressure, ways to entertain your children without electronics, etc? Why aren’t those articles the highlighted stories on these websites or in the news?

I believe that these unnecessary stories are making headlines because they (whoever is in control of putting out these “big” stories) are trying to distract us from the things that are really going on in the world.

I also think these things are distracting us from bettering ourselves. If we are so consumed with celebrities and unnecessary news, we are distracted from realizing and working on our bad habits, we are distracted from trying to mend any relationships that may be shaky, we are distracted from taking care of our health issues, I could keep the list going!

I don’t have a problem with celebrity news, I just think that it should be moderated and the more important things that are actually relevant to us as a society should be displayed more often.

How do you feel about celebrity news? Do you enjoy reading/hearing all about it? Do you have any other views about this topic? Comment below!

YouTube Prank Gone Very Wrong!

You’ll never believe the story that I’m going to tell you!

A couple who makes Youtube videos wanted to film a prank video. Prank videos are very popular for video bloggers to upload on Youtube nowadays. This couple wanted to be different from the rest and decided to film a risky stunt which involved a woman shooting her boyfriend through a book that he was holding to his chest. The boyfriend was holding a 1.5 inch thick encyclopedia to his chest and they both believed that the bullet wouldn’t go through the book because of its thickness.

Well they were wrong. The bullet went through the encyclopedia and entered the boyfriend’s chest and as a result was fatally injured! But that’s not all… The woman was pregnant at the time AND their 3 year old daughter was standing right beside her when all of this took place!The woman was charged with second degree murder!

Here is a link with full details of the story:

YouTube Prank Gone Wrong

This is definitely a crazy story! Be careful what risks you want to take because the consequences could be fatal!

What do you think about this? Comment below!

Target Will Be Starting A Grocery Delivering Service! More Details Inside!

“Target announced Wednesday that it’s spending big money to quickly deliver its products to homes. Target paid $550 million for a grocery delivery service called Shipt. The goal is same-day delivery of most of its products nationwide.

Customers will use the Shipt app to order. They’ll choose Target as their retailer of choice and a team of person-shoppers will actually take that order, fill the order in one of their stores and then deliver it within a couple of hours directly to your home!

The service will begin spring of 2018! Target customers will pay $99 a year for this service. By this time next year, Target hopes to have same day delivery in all of its major stores.”

I think this is a great option especially for those who are unable to make it to the store due to disability or just being too busy to shop in store! Check out the link below for more details!

Target Buys Grocery Delivery Company Shipt For $550M

What do you think of this? Is Target on to something great with this grocery delivery service? Comment below!

What The End Of Open Internet Means For You: No More Net Neutrality May Change The Way You Can Use The Internet!

If you read my other post with the link below, you’ll read that Net Neutrality has been repealed meaning that our access to free internet may be changing!

Previous Post About Net Neutrality

Internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast will have more power with possibly charging consumers for the use of certain internet content that wasn’t chargeable when Net Neutrality was in place! I have a link below with more details of what to expect in the future.

What The End Of Net Neutrality Means For You

Bitcoin Users May Have Trading Issues Due To Net Neutrality! More Details Inside

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to vote today (Thursday) to repeal the rules that was designed to protect net neutrality.

This could cause alarming consequences for the cryptocurrency market!

Net Neutrality is basic principle that prohibits internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking any content applications or websites you may want to use. So it pretty much preserves our right to communicate freely online.

Without those rules in place, internet service providers may have the ability to target content or services where they see a significant amount of user activity. Cryptocurrency exchanges have become a hotbed of action since more people are trying to invest in this booming market!

I sure hope that net neutrality stays the same and doesn’t become altered because it’ll not only effect Bitcoin users, but you, me, and everyone because we all use the internet! If these rules are lifted, who knows what the ISPs will do to put internet use in their favor! This can turn into a big problem if us as citizens don’t speak up and speak out about it!

Check out the link below for more info about this.

How The Net Neutrality Vote May Block Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Trading

Geminids 2017! Catch This Meteor Shower Tonight! More Details Inside!

What happens during a meteor shower?

When Earth passes through the path of a comet, the bits of comet debris (no larger than a grain of sand) create streaks of light in the sky as they burn in the Earths atmosphere which are called meteors!

The Geminids meteor shower will be best seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The shooting stars will start around 7:30pm on December 13 and last until December 14.

You can expect one meteor per minute between midnight and 4am.

Hopefully you get to catch this amazing meteor shower coming soon! 😊

Source: Geminids 2017 Meteor Shower