His Motives…

She is relaxing on the beach enjoying her much needed alone time.

Sitting in her beach chair in her bathing suit with sunglasses on and her favorite drink in hand, looking into the distance.

Noticing her admiring the scenery, he approaches her and starts to converse with her.

A little hesistant and curious of his motives, she decides to join the conversation.

He comments on the amazing ocean view with all its different shades of blue. 

He talks about the nice breeze along with the abundant sunshine present.

She brightens up as she is surprised that he notices the surrounding beauty just as she does.

Unraveling, she begins to let her guard down and share her observations with him.

A few minutes have passed and the nice and simple conversation has ended. She noticed that not once did he comment on her body, her beauty, what she was drinking, or what she was doing there all by herself.

She admired that and was relieved. Leaving  her with a permanent internal smile as she continued to enjoy her day at the beach.

Daily Prompt –  Unravel

Photo: Pexels.com