Good Quality Restaurants in NYC – Aura Rating 

Have you ever been out on the town in NYC and wondered where you could get fresh, non-processed, good quality food but didn’t know where to go! Well my friends, I have the answer and it’s called AURA RATING!

Aura Rating is an app that helps you find farm-to-table restaurants all around NYC! Check it out!

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Above is a list restaurants in each neighborhood of the NYC boroughs.

Restaurants in Midtown


To give an example, I’ve chosen Midtown. If you happen to be roaming through Times Square with your partner, family or friends, you can impress them and bring them to one of these delectable restaurants!

Aura Rating Website

Salvation Burger in Midtown


For demonstration reasons, I’ve chosen Salvation Burger located in Midtown. As you can see, this page provides a brief description of the type of food that the restaurant offers, it’s location, phone number, and link to their website!

Salvation Burger Menu


Having access to the restaurant website will provide you with all the information that you need to choose a restaurant!

They even have a feature where you can keep track of all of your favorite restaurants for easy access! Pretty cool right?!

So whether you’re planning on visiting NYC in the future or a native New Yorker looking for good quality food, do what I did and download the Aura Rating app!

You can’t get any better than a free, easy to navigate app that provides you with so much useful information all centered around one of  the greatest things in the world: FOOD! =)

Click on the link below to download the app!

Aura Rating by Kristin Zecher 
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