Yoga Stretches With A Twist!

Life has been getting super busy for me lately. So I’ve been trying to fit in my yoga where I can!

I like doing the Sun Salutation sequence, which I made a video of all the details showing what it actually is!

Here’s the link to the video:

Yoga Stretches With A Twist!

Is yoga a part of your daily or weekly routine?

The Time I Tried Bikram Hot Yoga!

Back in 2014, I decided to take up hot yoga! I’m sure you may be wondering what that is right?!

Well, aside from yoga improving flexibility and strength, hot yoga is said to help with stress reduction, increased blood circulation, detoxification, improving the immune system, and promoting relaxation.

I went to this place in the Bronx on Broadway called Bikram Yoga. It took place in a large room that had a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit! It was steaming in there and it felt like I was in a dessert somewhere! We weren’t allowed to talk once we entered the yoga room. I think this was in order for us to stay focused on trying to relax and not get distracted by conversation. The instructor came in and we began the class.

He started off doing stretches for different body parts. We then started getting into all the body-twisting yoga positions LOL!

Some of the standing poses we did were the half moon, hands-to-feet, eagle pose, balancing stick pose, and triangle pose.

Some of floor poses were knee to chest, head-to-knee, cobra, child’s pose, and camel pose.

I felt like the teacher had us hold those poses for like 5 minutes each! (In reality, we only held the poses for like 10 seconds.)

My favorite pose was the last pose of the 90 minute class: The Corpse pose “Savasana”. You have to lie flat on your back with your palms facing upward, head straight, eyes closed, with your feet shoulder width apart. The purpose of this pose is to lie completely still, relax your mind and every part of your body while focusing on breathing.

You have to be careful and properly prepare before doing hot yoga because when I was in class, I saw someone pass out!

How to prepare for hot yoga:

-Stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day.

-Eat healthy foods throughout the day making sure to eat at least 2 hours before the class.

-Come to class with a water bottle, a towel, and a yoga mat.

-Shorts and a tank top that fits snug to your body is the best attire because there will be A LOT of sweating involved and you don’t want your sweaty clothes to weigh you down!

Bikram yoga was a pretty interesting experience for me. I did like it and it was definitely challenging. But I didn’t like it enough to continue going LOL! Hot yoga has great benefits, but I think I will stick to learning regular yoga! =)

Have any of you tried hot yoga before? How was your experience? Comment below, I’d like to know!


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