Beer Lovers in NYC! 

My husband and I were given a Groupon from my brother in law for this place called Yonkers Brewing Company. My hubby loves his beer so he was definitely interested in this place! Haha!

It’s a bar in Yonkers, NY (Westchester County) that is right off the Hudson River. And we had a really nice experience!

This is a place that offers a variety of handcrafted beers that were brewed in Yonkers.

They offer Brunch and Dinner and the food is pretty good too! The waiters are friendly and attentive; the atmosphere is really chill and makes you feel comfortable.

Another interesting thing about Yonkers Brewing Co. is that they have a container full of board and card games available for guests to play! I haven’t seen this before, so this added a nice touch to their bar!

If you’re a beer lover and/or you love to eat, I would recommend Yonkers Brewing Co.!

If you get a chance to visit, let me know how your experience went! Cheers!

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