Who Else Is Like This?!

I’ve been using this extra free time to read a lot of different books. And Astrology is one topic that I’ve really been diving into! It’s so fascinating to me and interesting how accurate these characteristics can be for myself and the people I know!

Is there anyone else who is learning about astrology or who wants to learn? I would love to exchange ideas and perspectives about new findings on this topic!

Feel free to comment below! =)

High Rise in NYC!

Last night I spent some time with my good friend that I haven’t seen in a while. She lives in Manhattan and has a beautiful view from her apartment! It was so nice to catch up with her! Here are some highlights from the day!

Check out my Instagram story at JustBrittanyMoments to see the videos of the awesome view! Stop by and say Hi! =)

Healthy Snack!

I’ve been looking for a healthy snack to avoid eating salty chips all the time, even though they can be addicting! Lol. I found this yummy trail mix from Whole Foods! It’s very filling and savory, all you need is about a handful to be satisfied!

What are your favorite snacks to munch on?