I was born in Manhattan due to my mom being an NY native, but my dad is currently a retired Navy Chief so I’ve had the privilege of traveling a few places and meeting great people of all types of backgrounds.
I consider Virginia to be my hometown! 757! Chesapeake is where I was raised. I loved it there! And every time I get a chance to go back and visit, I experience such nostalgia because it brings back so many great memories. Since I’ve traveled so much and I wasn’t able to live in one spot for more than 2 years, (LOL), I truly cherish this place not because it’s the best city or state out there, but because I can call it my home!

Fast forward to high school graduation… I graduated and went to Penn State University, one of my top 3 choice colleges. I experienced the worst and best times in life during college but it was so much fun, yes it sounds crazy I know! Out of Penn State, I gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a great group of friends that will last a lifetime, my amazing best friend and husband, and great experiences that have made me who I am today!

I graduated college and moved to NYC with my husband who is a Bronx native. It was a bitter sweet moment because I would be starting my life with my man but then I am so far from my family (they are in PA and OH). I’ve learned a lot being here in the city! This city is filled with so many things good and bad, but it comes with the territory!

I just recently published my first ebook called “The Best Online Shopping Guide For Both Women And Men!”

It offers advice on how to buy clothes that fit, helps you find sales and deals, and provides tips on what to do and what to avoid when online shopping!

You can download your copy below!


I enjoy dancing, it’s so liberating!

I’ve dipped into the event planning pool. And I love it! It satisfies my planning/organizing bug. LOL!

Breakfast food is my favorite!

I’ve lived in NYC for 4 years now and still haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty (I know, I’m terrible. But I’ll make it happen very soon!)

Some of my favorite music artists are Jidenna, Fred Hammond, ZHU, Whodini, Mavado, Drake, Coldplay, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Kirk Franklin, Buju Banton, Earth Wind & Fire, Gap Band, Trey Songz, Nickelback. Favorite music genre: R&B/Soul

Places I’ve always wanted to visit: Jamaica Africa, Brazil, and Japan

Back in my day, I’ve played basketball, ran track, took ballet, tap, and jazz lessons as a kid.

Favorite Disney Movies: Lion King 1&2, The Little Mermaid

I’m kind of obsessed with men’s fashion! I love the different colors, patterns, textures that can be combined to make a man’s outfit come together, whether dressed up or dressed down. It’s sort of artistic for me, if that makes sense.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoy reading my blogs! =)