Self Care Night!

When you have one of those rough days, you have to try and find something that brings you joy, even the smallest thing can make a difference!

Tonight I’m sipping on one of my favorite wines and listening to some of my favorite tunes! In a few, I will be taking a nice bubble bath and pouring myself another glass! Hehe =)

What do you do to help you get through those tough days?

Who Wants To Overcome Anxiety?

If you’re like me and are someone who struggles with anxiety, check out this informative video. It has definitely given me a different perspective on how to look at things.

Take a look at the video by clicking the link below! Hope this helps and comment below what you think of the video!

How To Overcome Anxiety and Increase Mental Strength

It Was A Great Weekend! How Was Yours?

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, I had a family gathering with hubby and my in-laws at a pool hall which was nice. It’s always good seeing family that you haven’t seen in a while! I definitely need more practice playing pool though! Haha!

Sunday I was invited to a street fair in Nyack. It was such beautiful weather that day! They had food trucks, vendors that sold soaps, crystals, clothing, and more! I bought a few crystals and some cute figurines for my place.

I have to say this weekend was fun and eventful! How did you spend your weekend?

8 Ways To Handle Dry Skin This Season!

Lately my skin has been super dry for some reason! I’ve been traveling quite frequently over the past month so maybe it’s from the change in weather.

I use Cerave because I have eczema and that normally does the job with keeping my skin moisturized. So I was freaking out when the Cerave wasn’t even working! So here are some tips that I’ll be using that can be of help to you too!

1. Stay Hydrated

Make sure that you are drinking water on a regular basis. I know a lot of folks dislike drinking water and if that’s you, try adding lemon or lime juice to make it more satisfying.

2. Avoid Hot Showers

Taking hot showers can be soothing to some but it can be damaging to the skin. Our skin has natural oils and taking hot showers will remove the natural oils, potentially causing dry skin. So try and take cooler showers to help save those natural oils!

3. What Soap Are You Using?

Your soap may be too harsh for your skin. Brands like Cerave and Cetaphil are gentle on the skin so it will clean and keep the skin moisturized at the same time!

4. Pat Dry After Showering

Instead of rubbing your skin aggressively when drying off, try patting down your skin gently, then make sure to apply your moisturizer right after drying.

5. What Are You Cleansing With?

If you cleanse yourself with a wash cloth or a loofa, it may be too harsh for your skin. Try applying your cleanser by using your hands instead of the washcloth or loofa.

6. Find A New Moisturizer

Your skin may have become used to the current moisturizer that you’re using or your skin just may be changing and needs more TLC than usual. Do some research and try buying a different moisturizer that’s suited for your skin’s needs.

You could even try using oils like jojoba oil (similar to our skin’s natural oils and is easily absorbed), extra virgin olive oil (good for very dehydrated skin), or avocado oil (a rich emollient that helps with dry, itchy, or aging skin). If think you’ll be too greasy after using the oils, try using the oils at night to give your skin time to soak up the oils.

*Before trying any new product on your skin, you should do a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic. Do the patch test on inner your wrist and wait 24 hours to see if there is a reaction. And you should also check with your doctor before using any new products.

7. Reapply Throughout The Day

Carry your moisturizer or oils with you in a small container when you’re out and about and reapply your moisturizer whenever you feel your skin getting dry.

8. Monitor Your Skin’s Progress

Try to make note of when you’re skin seems to be getting dry the most and see if there is anything that you should adjust in your daily routine that may be causing excessive dryness.

Hope this helps! Comment below if you have any other good tips for helping with dry skin!

80s Themed Party In PA!

This weekend was my dad’s 50th birthday party which was 80s themed! We all came in our coolest and flyest outfits!

There were handmade centerpieces that were 80s themed! Our decorator also handmade my dad’s gift card box which was a large boom box!

We also had a fun candy table that had all of my dads favorite sweets and treats from the 80s!

Below you will see a “Remember When” poster where people wrote memories from growing up in the 80s. I took a snapshot of my mom writing her memory!

Back in high school, my dad had a good group of friends and they called themselves the GQ Crew! So you’ll see a few pictures of them below.

And of course an 80s party isn’t a party without the music from the 80s! We were all jammin to all the good tunes! It was a great time and nice to see everyone be creative with their outfits!

Check out the pictures below!

I’ve also posted a few videos from the party on my IG story, you can check those out right here: JustBrittanyMoments IG Page. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!