My Eventful Weekend!

Saturday we hung out with my friend earlier in the day. We actually went to Dunwoodie Pizzeria in Yonkers. My husband got a recommendation for us to try this place out. I ordered the chicken bacon ranch pizza, our friend ordered the buffalo chicken pizza, and my husband ordered a chicken wrap. The food was so delicious!

And it’s funny because this pizzeria is close by and I never heard of or seen it before! I’m glad we went here! They also make homemade Italian ices and sell it all year round! Isn’t that awesome! So we bought a big container of cherry and lemon!

Sunday we went to dinner at this Peruvian Restaurant called Pio Pio in the Bronx for my mother n law’s birthday! I ordered Camarones Cuzco which was a shrimp dish in a citrus sauce with yellow rice.

My husband ordered the Lomo Saltado which was steak mixed in with rice and french fries.

I’ve never had Peruvian food before so the taste and food pairings were a little different for me but my family said they enjoyed everything!

Have you had Peruvian food before?! Comment below!


These Last 5 Days Were Crazy Busy! Here’s What Happened…


I found out last Sunday that my first cousin passed away. Our family lives in Pennsylvania in a small town outside of Pittsburgh so we left NYC Wednesday after work. This is when the Nor’easter was starting so I couldn’t even see the roads because they were covered with snow! But the drive was doable for me, I just drove slow and carefully.

We hit New Jersey and out of nowhere we come to a complete standstill in traffic. All lanes are not moving one bit. So one hour passes. Two hours pass. 3 hours… We ended up being stuck in standstill traffic for about 5 hours folks! My husband and I were so annoyed! The reason for the traffic was because 2 semi trucks were jackknifed and blocking the highway! Ugh! The police FINALLY came and had everyone exit the highway because they closed it down. Just wondering why the police didn’t come sooner to help =/

It was about 10:30pm when we were exiting the highway. We wanted to get a hotel for the night and pick up where we left off the next morning. But all the hotels that were in the area were booked to full capacity! Great =/ Then we decided the best thing to do is turn around and go back to NYC and leave in the morning since we were about 45 minutes away. The road that had the hotels was off of a 2 lane road. We were driving on the lane that was plowed near the hotels. We were driving to the end of that lane to merge onto the 2 lane road and as we’re driving, there are 3 plow trucks behind each other plowing the remaning snow from those 2 lanes. So as we’re approaching the end of the lane we were in, the plow trucks ended up plowing the snow into the lane we were in so now we’re stuck! My car is low to the ground so there’s no way my car could get over that pile of snow. We didn’t have a shovel either! Ugh! So we tried reversing to get out of the lane but then there were 2 cars behind us that got stuck in the snow! A regular truck with a plow came to help and we were able to finally get out and drive back to NYC! Woo! That all happened on Wednesday!


Thursday morning we got back on the road and the roads were clear but for some reason they were still a few accidents on the highway here and there. But that’s better than being stuck in traffic for almost 5 hours again! We eventually made it to Ohio (where my parents and sister live).

For dinner, we ended up discovering this hidden bar/restaurant called Krakatoa! We absolutely loved it! Check out my previous blog and read all about it!

Krakatoa Restaurant and Bar!


Friday was my cousin’s funeral in the morning and the church was jam packed. He had a great impact on the lives of many and he will always be remembered…

My mom is a dance teacher and she had the opportunity to direct and choreograph Hairspray, a high school musical in New Castle, PA. OMG you guys, the musical was great! The whole cast did a really good job and I’m proud of my mom for being successful at choreographing her first musical! She was so impressive, that the Head Director asked her to come back again to direct the musical for next year! Go Mom!


Saturday morning, my sis and I made breakfast for the family. It was nice to be able to sit down and catch up!

My baby cousin also had her 4th birthday party which was art themed! My cousin planned and coordinated it all and it turned out really nice! My husband and I joined the fun and painted a picture of our own too! It was fun! It was so nice to be able to see my family again because I don’t get to see that side of the family very often since they live so far.

We left to go back to NYC on Saturday after the birthday party. Also, my brother in law and his family are moving to VA Beach at the end of the month so their going away party was Saturday night! As soon as we arrived in NYC, we dropped off our bags at home and went straight to the going away party at Maggie Spillanies Bar! That was a fun time! My husband and I danced the night away! We had so much fun that we didn’t leave until 4 in the morning! And remember it was daylight savings time so we lost an hour of sleep!


My mother in law had a family gathering at her house for my brother n law’s farewell and for all the March birthdays that we have in the family which is quite a few! I was so exhausted and doing my best not to fall asleep during mid conversation! haha! Life keeps us all busy and it sometimes hard for everyone to get together. So it was nice to see my in laws that I haven’t seen in a while. We all had a great time!

As you can see, I had an eventful 5 days! I’m just glad it’s all over and done with! Has anyone ever been this busy before!? LOL

Krakatoa Restaurant and Bar!

While we’re spending the weekend here in Youngstown, Ohio visiting family, my husband and I decided to explore the area a bit and found a really nice bar/restaurant called Krakatoa!

For those that don’t know, Krakatoa was an Indonesian volcano that had one of the most massive eruptions in history in 1883. The volcanic eruption was so loud that people who were 3,000 miles away could hear it! That’s crazy right?! There’s some history for ya!

We ordered some drinks! My hubby ordered a Founders beer and I ordered a Green Tea “Adult Slushy”.

My hubby ordered the Classic Burger and I ordered the Carnivore which came with pulled pork, bacon, and cheddar cheese! 😋

I will definitely be coming back here again! If you’re ever in Youngstown, you should definitely check out this place!


Happy Friday!

You made it through another week!

Pat yourself on the back and do something exciting this weekend!


Hello March!

Hey guys! March is here finally! We are so much closer to warm weather! Here in NYC the weather has been all over the place! A few weeks ago it was like 70 degrees F then the next day is was around 32 degrees F and raining! What is happening with this weather?! I’m ready for the weather to be consistently warm with the sun shining bright and the flowers blooming everywhere!

This month is actually pretty busy for me! I have so many birthdays to celebrate and so many events that it’s almost hard to keep track haha! But it just makes my life much more eventful! What do you have planned for the month of March?! Comment below!


I also forgot to mention that I reached my one year blogging anniversary at the end of February! Yay me! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I’ve learned so much about blogging and have made awesome connections with my fellow bloggers! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my blogging life! Thank you all for following and reading! I truly appreciate it! 😊


10 Simple Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV!

Do you get extra lazy when it’s time to workout but you know that you have a goal that you want to meet?!

Instead of skipping out on your workout all together, here are 10 simple exercises you can do while watching your favorite movie or tv show!

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For those days that you don’t feel like cooking, try out these easy and delicious recipes to make in a slow cooker! Click on the link below for the recipes! Hope you enjoy! 😊

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Mumbai Masala Indian Grill in NYC!

Hey guys! I went to dinner last night with my husband and our friend at this really nice Indian restaurant!

We shared all the food which consisted of Dal Soup, Chicken Tikka Masala, Murg Saag Chicken Tikka, Garlic Naan, and Coconut Rice! Everything was delicious!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Hope you enjoy this day! Even if you’re single, make sure to show yourself some love!

Treat yourself to a nice at home spa treatment, eat your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie,etc!

Enjoy everyone! 😊❤️


Fun And Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples!

Valentine’s Day is approaching very soon! Do you know what romantic gift you’re going to buy for your special someone?! Have you planned an exciting getaway?!

If you’re still wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day, check out how these entrepreneurs have experienced Valentine’s Day throughout the years in their relationships and what they actually plan on doing this year! Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to enjoy this romantic holiday! Also they’ve shared some background about their blog, websites, and current projects they’re working on! Check it out! 😊


Since becoming an adult, Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays that I forget about until it’s near. I remember when I was younger, Valentine’s Day was a big deal. I remember getting teddy bears and candy in high school and thinking those were the sweeeeetest gestures! Even in college, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I would go all out for each other. Extravagant gifts, chocolate, cards, the whole nine. I miss those carefree days sometimes!

Now that I am an adult, with bills lol, Valentine’s Day is not as important as it used to be. I don’t even think my husband and I celebrated last year because we closed on our house 3 days later. We were so busy with preparing for that, it kinda got forgotten about. This Valentine’s Day, I think we’re just going to go out to dinner and enjoy each other’s company. We will probably get each other small gifts or maybe chocolate. I hope he gets me an edible arrangement *hint hint*.

My husband and I spend a lot of time together. However, our jobs get in the way of that. So over the years, I have started to appreciate time spent more than gifts. I can honestly say that I am excited about going to dinner with my husband in the middle of the week. I will probably go the extra mile and get dolled up. It’s the little things that matter! Maybe I will make more of an effort for us to have outings during the week. Time is so precious and I want to make sure that I am making the most out of it! To all those reading, enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Remember the gifts aren’t important, embrace the moment!

WritefullySoBrittany is my blog where I share stories about life, love, and natural hair! I also have a YouTube channel all about natural hair & styling, advice videos, and a few challenges! WritefullySoBrittany

Talk City To Me

Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year, when both me and my husband get out of work late. So we will celebrate on Saturday by going to Le Boudoir – quiet sensual speakeasy bar in Brooklyn at 135 Atlantic Ave. I can’t think of a better place for a cocktail date. Check their social media for live music events.

Talk City To Me instagram page is to inspire New Yorkers to see more and do more in the city to get the most out of living here and not let our city tax go to waste 😅.

Photographed: me enjoying champagne at Le Boudoir.”

Donnie G – HusbandsandFathers

My wife and I have been together for almost 11 years, and we have been married 9 of those years! Early on in our relationship Valentine’s Day was a huge deal but now not so much. As we got older and wiser we started to realize we were wasting money on Valentine’s Day because everything “love themed” seemed to be priced a little higher than usual times. Now we have a new way to Valentine’s Day.

We prefer to spend Valentine’s Day at home watching movies or relaxing away from all the busyness the day brings. We don’t even exchange gifts unless they are inexpensive or homemade. Our ultimate goal is to treat each other like everyday is a Valentine’s day of sorts. I don’t want a day to tell me I should show my spouse love and pamper her because sadly this is the only day all year some guys attempt to be “romantic.” I hope to show my gratitude for my spouse every single day, and give her my whole heart not just candy ones!

On my website, I talk about the importance of being strong and courageous husbands and fathers. I do this in hopes of helping men have a better understanding of how to pray, protect, and provide for our families. Aiming to become better servants for the sake of the ones we love dearly! BetterHusbandAndFather Website

Husband And Father’s Instagram

Candidly Kami

Because my wife and I live in NY City I prefer to book a hotel room a few hours outside of the city to escape the chaos for a weekend. While away from the city I plan things for my wife and I to do, like going to the movies, out to small diners within the town or just lounge in a local park on what we call a “car date”. Most times we end up just lying in the hotel room for days just enjoying the silence and each other’s company. Of course I do the normal things like buy her flowers, chocolates and bears but we’ve been together for so long every year gets a little more intricate to plan. For our first married Valentine’s Day, I have a few tricks up my sleeve! Some things my wife specifically asked for and other things that I feel she deserves for working so hard. I also have backup plans in case the weather decides to intrude on those plans! This Valentine’s Day will definitely be one to remember.

Candidly Kami is a photography business I started about a year ago. I initially started taking photographs as a hobby and in that I discovered I have a passion for it, so with the encouragement of family and friends I decided to make a business out of it.

My focus at the moment is street photography and building my brand through attending events and bringing my camera, literally, whenever and wherever I can. Since starting this business I have received an Associate’s degree in technical photography and I am enrolling in classes to better learn and perfect my craft.

Over the past year, I have shot birthday parties for friends, photoshoots, and other family functions. In the upcoming months, I plan to do a wedding, develop more creative ways to use my camera and, overall better my craft while building my brand. You can follow my Instagram page Candidly Kami, and my business page on Facebook.

Something LIghT

I will always prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my wife. That’s all I need. When she graduated from the same university I attended a year before me, we had to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a distance and that was incredibly hard. Something about celebrating our love and being so far apart was heartbreaking. Valentine’s Day is about appreciation and I think on this particular day, I’m just a little more grateful than I am any other day. I enjoy being in her presence; she is a radiant person and if I can absorb just a little bit of that radiance for myself I am satisfied.

While I’m also a wife, I just launched a podcast called “Something LIghT”, which anyone can follow Something Light Podcast. It was never something I planned to do or even had an interest in, but I have a wonderful co-host/friend who supported a direction I didn’t even know I was moving in. What I want people to take from my episodes is the energy. You don’t have to agree with my viewpoints, who I am or what I stand for but if you take some of that positive, loud energy and find the strength to keep growing as a person and trusting your process, I’m okay with that. Ani C. the host is a personality and while everything I am saying is facts, I’m still trusting my process too. I also have a blog called Hidden Sugah , which people can follow as well!

Here Are A Few Other Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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-Chocolate covered fruits and other treats! Click the link for all your options. Edible Arrangements Treats

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