Jidenna Performs in NYC! 

OMG I finally went to Jidenna’s concert! I’ve been wanting to see him perform since I discovered his music! 

I would see YouTube videos of when he performed live and he is a great performer, entertaining, and humorous at the same time! So I wanted to experience that for myself! 

My head looks super big lol

The concert took place at Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan. My husband and I drove to the city and actually found a good parking spot like 1 block away from the theatre! We were super happy about that especially since it’s a hassle to find parking in Manhattan! 

The doors opened at 7pm but we arrived around 4:30pm because we had general admission tickets. So we would be standing right in front of the stage and I wanted to make sure that we had a good spot right in the front! 
We went to get a quick bite to eat before going in. Once we finished eating, we arrived at the theatre a little after 5pm. There were only a few people in line in front of us so we arrived there in good timing. The only bad part is having to wait but the time ended up going by faster than I thought! 

They let us in and we claimed our spots in front of the stage! There were 2 musicians that opened up before Jidenna. 

The first was Mannywellz who I really enjoyed because his sounds were a little similar to Jidenna’s music! 

The second performer was Anik Khan whose music was pretty interesting and kind of catchy!

Then the moment I was waiting for had finally arrived! Jidenna came out on stage and did a great performance for every song! He’s a musician/poet/actor/comedian all in one (literally!) His outfits were on point and his band was amazing! The band was moving and jumping around just as much as Jidenna was! 

He had the same amount of energy for each song that was performed! There was actually a time when he went out into the crowd and was performing where we were standing! He was closer to the people that were further away from the stage. I’m bummed he didn’t come over by us but that was still very cool for him to join his fans while performing! 

It was such a great experience to finally see Jidenna perform! He did not disappoint and met all of my expectations for the concert! I didn’t want it to end! But I had a great time and I think you guys would enjoy his music! 

This is the face of a happy gyal! =D Here’s my outfit of the night! =)
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Anik Khan Music
Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did! =)


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