What Do You Prefer?!

According to Tea USA, in 2017, Americans consumed over 84 billion servings of tea!

In America, specialty coffee drinkers consumed 2.97 cups of coffee per day in 2017 according to the National Coffee Association (NCA).

I prefer to drink tea over coffee. I don’t like the aftertaste that coffee gives so I have to be in the mood to drink it! I normally drink coffee when I’m at home, at an event where coffee is offered after a long function, or at work when I really need that little bit of caffeine to keep me going!

I normally drink my tea with honey (and lemon depending on the type of tea). Recently I’ve been adding almond milk to my honey lavender tea and ohh my it is so tasty!

I also think tea has more health benefits than coffee. There are so many different flavors of tea that help with different health issues. I believe the majority of what you consume should be somewhat nutritious to live a longer and easier life. I don’t know, I guess I’m just a health nut haha!

Check out this link of which beverage each country prefers more!

Which Countries Drink Coffee/Tea The Most

What do you prefer? Coffee or Tea? And why?

What do the citizens in your country seem drink more often, coffee or tea?

Comment below!

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