I Can See Into The Future?!

I picked up many good points from church service yesterday. One that stood out was this:

“Vision gives you a roadmap. It ‘s a reminder that just because you’re here right now, doesn’t mean it’s your final destination.”

I feel like the reason why a lot of people are still in the same place that they’ve been for years is because they failed to have a roadmap, a plan for their future and are either settling or just going with the flow of life. Since people fail to have this roadmap as a motivator, people become discouraged by their current circumstances.

They may be in a place in their life that they never expected to be. They were just HOPING for better but never had a specific PLAN OF ACTION.

My definition of vision is to write down short term and long term goals that will help you in accomplishing your end goal in every area of your life. (ex: health, career, family goals, friendships, etc.) Vision also helps you to remember that there is a greatness at the end of the tunnel which is motivation to keep going!


For example, you may have took on a job that you can deal with at the moment that’s helping pay the bills but you hate working there. You may feel like you’re back is against the wall because you’ve had no luck finding another job. So you’ve decided to settle because you only see your current situation and as a result feel miserable about life. If you had a roadmap to where you are trying to go, the journey would be a little easier.



So find a quiet area, get a pen and note pad, and start writing down what success looks like for you in those different areas in your life (health, career, family, friendships, etc.). Once you have that, then you can write those short term and long term goals on how you will get to those overall end goals!

The hardest part is being patient when there is nothing else that you can do while waiting for a certain goal to be achieved. But what you should be focusing on during that time is all the accomplishments that you’ve already made.

As a matter of fact, another idea would be to keep a list of your goals posted somewhere that’s visible to you everyday. Once you’ve accomplished something on that list, put a big checkmark beside it and pat yourself on the back! Even better, reward yourself with something you really enjoy! =)





 Photos: Pexels.com, Google

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