Holiday Eating Strategies That Work!

If you’re someone who loves to eat (like me lol) but you are worried that you may overindulge in the deliciousness called food, these tips are for you! Here are a few healthy holiday eating strategies!


Before dinner is served and the appetizers are out to nibble on, ask for a glass of water. Drinking water 30 minutes before eating will not only aid in digestion, but keep you full for a bit, and will hydrate you before you start drinking those tasty alcoholic beverages! Also, drinking water throughout the party to stay hydrated is another good tip too!


Go for a smaller sized plate to avoid over filling with food. When you have a smaller plate, you tend to eat less!


If there are appetizers, fill up on the vegetables and fruits (the more healthier appetizers). Try to avoid appetizers that are filled with too much sugar or salt.


Once dinner is served and you’ve already enjoyed a delicious plate of food, wait about 10 minutes and let your food settle in your stomach first before grabbing a second plate of food.

If you are still craving a second plate of food after 10 minutes, drink another glass of water, then go for that second plate of food. Chances are that once you wait 10 minutes for your food to digest and have that glass of water, your stomach will be more full, which leaves less room for food! If you end up making a second plate, hopefully there will be less food on your plate this time around LOL.

Take Your Time:

There’s no need to eat like your food will run off of your plate! Make sure to eat slowly and really enjoy your food! Eating slowly will give your stomach time to recognize that it’s full.


If you still have room to indulge in desserts, remember to grab a smaller sized plate and try munching on a fruit based dessert.

Hope these strategies are a big help for you! Good luck and Happy holidays!

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