25 Easy Tips To Get Away With Wearing Summer Clothes In The Fall!

I enjoy fashion and I have my own way of dressing but still am able to keep my style somewhat trendy!

I’m not afraid to try different combinations of clothing items because it usually turns into being a great outfit idea!

If you like trying different things with your style, check out these tips to pull off wearing summer clothes in the fall!

25 Easy Tips To Get Away With Wearing Summer Clothes In The Fall!

Summer Outfit Of The Day!

My sister and I spent the day in Manhattan. It was super hot today so I made sure to dress for the weather lol.

Here’s my outfit details:

Top: Forever 21

Bottom: Forever 21

Shades: small boutique somewhere lol

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Shoedazzle

As you can see I really enjoy shopping at Forever 21 haha!

7 Style Tips For Men Who Want To Dress Better!

Hey fellas! Here are some easy and helpful tips on improving your style! Check it out!

1. Purge Your Closet

Start out by trying on the clothes and shoes that you already have. Get rid of any clothes/shoes/other items that don’t fit you properly. A good idea would also be to get rid of any items you have that you haven’t worn in a long time because if you haven’t worn them by now, you’ll probably never wear them lol. This will give you an idea of the items that you have and items that you may need to purchase.

2. Solid, Neutral Colors

When you have solid, neutral colors in your wardrobe, it’s easier to form outfits. Neutral colors are black, white, navy, olive, gray, khaki, and brown.Wearing neutral colors can help you look more polished and sophisticated without even trying! Try adding tops, bottoms/jeans, and shoes to your wardrobe that consists of these colors. Once you get the hang of putting your outfits together, you can begin to tastefully add more color!

3. Cardigans, Button Downs, Blazers

Adding one of these three items can instantly dress up your outfit! Don’t forget about those neutral colors!

4. Accessorize

Accessories can spruce up your outfit if done correctly. Accessories that work well are hats, fashion reading glasses, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings. Definitely don’t wear all these accessories at once lol, but wearing a few of these will totally complete your outfit!

5. Your Shoe Game!

The 5 types of shoes you should own are an athletic/running sneaker, a casual sneaker, dress shoes, boat shoes, and the Chelsea boot.

With these shoe options, you can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, depending on the occasion. If you don’t already own all 5 shoe options, just work with the shoes you have in your closet! Experiment by trying on different shoe options with the same outfit to see how much your shoes make a difference in how your outfit looks!

6. Look For Inspiration

Look to places like Instagram or Pinterest for style inspiration. See if there are any styles that you would like to duplicate but also make it your own by adding a cool accessory or by changing up your shoe choice!

7. Make It Your Own!

Have fun with your outfits by experimenting with colors and accessories. Incorporate items that have fun patterns! Try mixing and matching accessories, shoes, colors, to put together different outfits to see how it looks and even take a picture.

That way when it’s time to go somewhere, you already have a few outfits in mind and don’t have to spend hours trying to put an outfit together. Remember, it’s just clothes so try different things and have fun finding the style that works best for you!

Stay tuned for my next post I’ll be releasing on Friday about 5 Affordable Store Selections For Men to help you find the best clothes for your budget!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Good luck with your fashion journey!


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Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2018!

The fashion trends have been frequently changing and I’m loving it!

Here are 12 style and fashion trends that is said to takeover 2018!

Will you be adding these trends to your wardrobe?! Check out the link below for all the trends! 😊

12 Style Trends For 2018!

“Long Live The Chief!”

If you haven’t heard of him, I need to fill you in!

His name is Jidenna! 

He’s a Nigerian-American musician on Janelle Monae’s Wondaland label. He’s known for his hit song “Classic Man” and for his natty attire inspired by the Harlem Renaissance with hints of African design! 

I absolutely love his style! I’ve always been a fan of men’s fashion and in my opinion, he is the best dressed celebrity out there! 

He’s not ashamed to wear vibrant colors and tribal patterns! It meshes so well with his personality and his performances on stage (you can check out his performances by clicking the Jidenna Playlist below!)

I’m super excited because my husband and I are going to his concert on July 25! Woohoo I can’t wait!!!!!!

His music is the best out there right now because he talks about real things going in life but does it in a modernized way where the songs are super catchy and they end up stuck in your head all day! 

If you like to listen to great music that stands for something, then I highly recommend to check out his songs! Jidenna Playlist! 

Here are more of his stylish outfits! Jidenna’s Style!

Daily Prompt – Natty

Photos: gamingilluminaughty.comallthingsankara.comhollywoodreporter.com

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of these images on this blog post. All sources are listed above. 

Present Yourself

I believe how you present yourself is important.

We should be properly groomed and make sure we have good personal hygiene.

A big part of your presentation is the uniform you decide to wear on a daily basis. 

In my opinion, your uniform is your personal style that you choose to wear on a daily basis. 

That could be casual, vintage, bohemian, chic, sporty, or whatever style type suits you the best! 

Ohh and don’t forget to smile! Whether you like to show teeth or just like to purk up the sides of your mouth, either one will make you look approachable and more attractive! 

When all these things are in place, you are presenting your best self without having to say a word! 

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Daily Prompt – Uniform

3 Ways To Style A Turtle Neck!

White turtle neck, denim blue- polka dotted button up, dark jeans, black boots, hoop earrings and gold necklace with cross charm.
This is a turtle neck (TN) that I styled given to me by my aunt. I remember my mom used to make me wear turtle necks growing up and I hated it! I would try and role down the extra fabric on the neck hoping it would look less hideous (although I think by rolling down the fabric, it made things look worse LOL)!
Nowadays, I actually don’t mind wearing them because there a lot of fun ways that you can style a turtle neck.

Style your TN with:
-a pair of dark colored jeans and a pair of low top sneakers like Keds, Adidas, etc.
-a casual button down shirt, a pair of leggings with a pair of boots or flat booties.
Rock your TN with:
-a skater skirt/dress with tights and a pair of booties, flats, or high heels.
-a blazer jacket with a pair of dress pants and a pair of flats or high heels.
Wear your TN with:
-a leather jacket with a pencil skirt, tights and high heels.
-a long vest with pants or jeans and heeled booties or high heels.
-A simple long necklace or a statement necklace would go nicely. Hoop earrings or a pair of stud earrings would complete the outfit!
-If your TN is a solid color, try adding a clothing item with some type of pattern. Try finding a color in that pattern that matches with the color of your TN so that it’ll help the outfit come together a little better.
-If you decide to wear a statement necklace, try choosing a simple pair of earrings. You don’t want your earrings and necklace to be fighting for attention!
I only have one turtle neck so sorry I couldn’t switch it up in the pictures! But I hope this helps those who may be stumped on how to wear that TN that’s hiding in the back of your closet! LOL!